FLEUR_headshotThe path one takes to get them to ‘now’ always intrigues me. Often what seems to be a simple moment or decision will contribute instrumentally to the future of your path. So this is a bit of my path, and I truly can’t wait to see where it leads with FLEURtacious…

I grew up on my family’s farm in the Oldfield Valley, where we harvested the most amazing blueberries. As much as I loved the blueberries, I was always distracted by the wildflowers that grew in the field. As a kid I would proudly display my selection of pickings alongside the main stand. I could find the most amazing textures and colours and loved putting them together for my loyal customers (to tell the truth – there was probably a lot of buttercups, cooch grass and bog weed – but hey I was on to something!). So this was the start!

As a kid my Gram always encouraged the importance of having fresh flowers on the dinner table, which is probably what sparked my initial love of selecting the perfect florals to complement an event. After all – presentation is everything!

I started my career as a florist when I was 17 at a local flower shop where I worked my way up from ‘Bucket Scrubber’ to ‘Floral Manager’. I’ve had the opportunity of studying with many highly skilled designers and have incorporated their elements of knowledge with my own creative flair to what is now ‘my style’ of design.

I’ve travelled to many amazing places in the world, always seeking out the beautiful gardens of the countryside and floral districts of the greatest cities. So, the decision to take my passion of flowers and turn it into a creative business adventure only seemed appropriate – the only way to do great work is to love what you do!

Pushing boundaries and creating custom designs to complement a vision and inspiration, is what excites me as a designer. There is no greater feeling in the world than seeing a bride completely overjoyed with her wedding flowers. Parties, gatherings – any event that brings people together is what life is really all about, and creating the perfect floral elements to take an event to the next level thrills me beyond words!

When it comes to editorial work there are no creative limits, it’s just ‘create’, and this is when I really get to show what I can do.

To consider my work ‘a job’ doesn’t seem quite fair – surrounded by beautiful flowers, contributing to treasured memories and making the world a more beautiful place seems like a pretty ideal ‘job’ to me!

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Lynda Marie, Owner & Floral Stylist