Bouquets of Gratitude

Bouquets of Gratitude

Mother Nature has got to be one of the coolest ‘chicks’ around! I am completely bewildered at how a gorgeous 3D, insanely coloured, beautifully smelling ‘bloom’ comes out of a stem in the dirt. But whatever she dreams up – I am MORE than happy to create with it!!

Credit Kim Kalyn Photography

Welcome to this great new ‘space’ for featuring all the ‘flower moments’ in FLEURtacious by Lynda Marie’s journey. I’m delighted to share in the wonderful insight of the creating process, weddings & events that I’m asked to be a part of, as well as the things & people who influence myself and my work. I’ve been studying floral design since I was a teenager and I truly enjoy the evolution of the floral industry and design trends. This is an industry that will continue to thrive forever – after all who doesn’t LOVE flowers!? A simple way to communicate our thoughts without really needing to say anything at all.

Flowers are a very personal attribute to a special event, and something I really enjoy discovering in my consultations. Each one of us is drawn to a certain flower for a different reason – usually a memory, a significance, an aesthetic – you name it there’s a flower for it – every emotion and occasion!

I’m thrilled to have you follow my work and please let me know your thoughts and comments along the way!!

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See you back here very soon!

xo Lynda Marie


Cover photo – ashley & Brandon photography


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