Celebration of Flowers

Celebration of Flowers

The branding for the Lynda Marie companies have really been ‘a long time coming’ – more so for the Couture Millinery company, but that just meant that FLEURtacious needed to ‘play’ on the same level!

This whole year has brought on so many changes and this new journey with FLEURtacious has been right on par with keeping me running – but I LOVE every second of it! It’s been very exciting to see it all came together – nothing like re-branding and designing new websites right in the thick of wedding season! But WE got there! And by ‘we’ I mean a whole team of people that were involved in creating the new ‘Lynda Marie’ websites.

I really appreciate everyone on my team who have worked so hard and so I wanted to throw a bit of a celebration in honour of the whole feat – and for sticking it out with me! So we had a bit of a party to congratulate each other on a job REALLY well done!! And showcase the work! And the websites! And the talent! Lynda_Marie_Launch_02-3667192423-OLynda_Marie_Launch_40-3667193448-OLynda_Marie_Launch_21-3667192887-O The party itself – took on a whole new team to pull together what I envisioned as a proper way to THANK the people in my life… So here we are! The evening soiree was hosted at my favourite salon in town – DM & Company. Definitely an event I will not soon forget! There are no words adequate to describe the gratitude I have for Dwane & Lindsey, owners of DM, not only for welcoming us all into their space but for all the support I’ve received over the years. Lynda_Marie_Launch_74-3667194660-OLynda_Marie_Launch_44-3667193629-OLynda_Marie_Launch_103-3667195568-OLynda_Marie_Launch_94-3667195287-OLynda_Marie_Launch_97-3667195403-O

Oh – the food by Toque Catering was divine!



What an experience to be able to showcase the work from both sides of the Lynda Marie brand (Couture Millinery & FLEURtacious) in one fantastic venue in Victoria, BC.

Lynda_Marie_Launch_06-3667192512-O Lynda_Marie_Launch_07-3667192538-O Lynda_Marie_Launch_14-3667192731-O Lynda_Marie_Launch_09-3667192591-O Lynda_Marie_Launch_22-3667192941-O Lynda_Marie_Launch_38-3667193417-O Lynda_Marie_Launch_42-3667193487-O Lynda_Marie_Launch_08-3667192546-O

The guest list included some fantastic vendors that I’ve had the pleasure of working with, media, clients, wonderful friends, some of my amazing family (special mention to my Granny – you’re a true gem!) and (most of) my incredible team that was along for the ride of creating the overall branding of ‘Lynda Marie’.


Voted “Best Bridal Bouquet” at the Vancouver Island Wedding Awards

Lynda_Marie_Launch_158-3667197334-O Lynda_Marie_Launch_12-3667192736-OLynda_Marie_Launch_13-3667192693-O




Special thank you to Jay & Donna, Jen, Lindsey, Mary, Michelle, Josh, Darryl & Steph who went above and beyond to ensure everything ran smoothly and to the following vendors who were instrumental in making this event happen:

Venue, Hair & Make-up:: Dwane, Lindsey, Elspeth, Mary & Aurezo of DM & Company

Catering:: Chef Nicholas Waters of Toque Catering

Décor:: Franziska of Charming Decor

Websites:: Sarah & Matt of Voltage New Media

Models:: Hailee, Tyna, Deanna & Amanda of Coultish Management

Floral Product:: Paul & Yvonne of Patio Gardens

Video for LMCM:: Chelsea of Paper Heart Films

Event Photographer:: Laura of Laura McOrmond Photography a huge thank you for capturing all the fantastic photos of the night!!

Special Mention:: Erin of Beauty & Style by Erin Bradley – who was out of town but definitely there in spirit and has been involved with Lynda Marie since the very beginning!

See all the photos from the evening in the Gallery. LM Launch Sponsors

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  1. Great Photos Laura! You captured the night perfectly – so many beautiful smiling friendships that shared in the excitement of our talented Lynda Marie 🙂 Life is definitely remembered by the celebrations along the way. Congrats Kiddo – So Proud Of You!!

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