Fox Glove :: Alix Goolden Hall

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Fox Glove :: Alix Goolden Hall

Last Saturday, I was asked to be a part of a very special event in our city.

A ‘Love-In’.

According to the ladies from Fox Glove, I wasn’t the only one who was a little in the dark of what exactly a ‘Love-In’ is.

So I Googled it, as we do.

Wikipedia:: A ‘Love-In’ is a peaceful public gathering focused on meditation, love and music… (There’s a little more to this, but we will keep it PG for the Blog).

My friend Chelsea who you may know as the talent force behind Paperheart Films, is also one third of the fabulous ladies that are ‘Fox Glove’. Victoria’s own Folk Noir music at it’s best!

The ladies asked me to create some flower crowns for their first show at the beautiful Alix Gooldin Performance Hall.

Ethereal, Dark, West Coast Flower Crowns to compliment the atmosphere of the show.

Behind the scenes details… everything that makes the end result possible and as always, my favourite part.

Below is my buddy Bryan (Chelsea’s husband and the other half of Paperheart Films) – he looks pretty darn proud and rightly so!

On with the show…

The majestic stage setting at the world class Alex Goolden Performance Hall. Ooohh the sound coming out of here was pure magic.

“Not unlike the poisonous yet medicinal herbaceous perennial of its shared name, Victoria BC’s Fox Glove blooms a wealth of complex chemistry and mysterious musical beauty. Through intricate harmony, three singers push and pull on the strings of the heart, weaving dark and light powers upon their listeners. Fox Glove is a band with a knack for captivating audiences with charm and pushing back with tension, all while instilling musical prowess throughout their performance. Renn Madeleine Bibeau, Claire Butterfield, and Chelsea Kanstrup have widely diverse voices and ranges, but together they create a unified blend that has been compared to that of bands such as the Staves.”   –

I used local product such as Pieris Japonica, Rosemary, Skimmia, Eryngium, Huckleberry, Ivy, Wisteria Branches, Kalanchoe & Helebores to create these flower crowns. Dark and moody flowers with rich texture was the request – (I think I’m starting to get a reputation for this style! haha)

This new song “White Buffalo” by Fox Glove featuring one of my very favourite local singers Jesse Roper – is pretty much perfection! Their voices are such smooth sweetness together! I can’t wait until it gets released – It’s going to be on repeat at the flower studio for sure!

FLEURtacious is proud to have been a part of this very special evening celebrating LOVE in our city! Kudos to this group of vendors who also supported this beautiful event:

Photographer:: Taylor Roades Photography (All photos above are courtesy of this fantastic photographer!)

Venue:: Alix Gooldin Performance Hall

Hair Crowns:: FLEURtacious by Lynda Marie

Hair:: Conscious Hair

Videography:: Paperheart Films

Band:: Fox Glove

Guest Musicians:: Luca Fogale, Sam Weber & Jesse Roper

If you haven’t been to a Fox Glove show yet – go see them! You won’t be disappointed!

Much Love, Xo

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