Nicole & Demetri :: Victoria, BC

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Nicole & Demetri :: Victoria, BC

I was craving some colour this week. You know that feeling when the sun makes it’s gorgeous first ‘real’ appearance after the winter months and it sticks around for a few days (or in our lucky case on the West Coast – a few weeks). It makes you dream of the coming summer and warmer days, brighter colours and sweet scents floating through the air. It makes your heart happy.
Nicole & Demetri :: Victoria, BCNicole and Demetri’s wedding is all things colourful and vibrant and gorgeous – so naturally I felt the need to showcase this awesome wedding.

When I had my initial consultation with these two, the first thing Nicole mentioned that she was not a ‘typical’ bride. She wanted very bold and vibrant colours, with simple, yet striking focal flowers. Without all the ‘fluff’. Music to my ears!! Nicole & Demetri :: Victoria, BC Nicole & Demetri :: Victoria, BCNow I can probably speak for a number of florists that cringe when the request of royal blue flowers is made. Depending on what time of year the wedding is, sometimes blue can be one of the hardest flowers to incorporate into a ‘bouquet’ – especially if you want a natural look. (ie. NOT DYED). I swear whoever thought that dyed blue roses was a good idea – should be forced to eat them for dinner everyday for the rest of their lives! (End of rant – Sorry if  blue roses are your thing).

That said – the only flower I don’t mind dyed is the dendrobium orchid. They seemed to have figured it out this one particular bloom – and once the flower has been stripped down to only it’s florets and disposed of the terrible dyed buds – you actually get a nice product to work with.Nicole & Demetri :: Victoria, BC

Working the dendrobium orchids in with the other vibrant tones and textures actually pulls the whole look together quite perfectly. The combination used in Nicole’s wedding bouquet is very modern and fun. I just love the POP of colour and how it works beautifully with the royal blue bridesmaid dresses!

Nicole & Demetri :: Victoria, BC Nicole & Demetri :: Victoria, BC Nicole & Demetri :: Victoria, BC

‘The Language of Flowers’ – I truly believe that the flowers a woman chooses to carry on her wedding day reflect her values in life, love and the future she is creating – (even if this is done subconsciously). We are all drawn to certain flowers and colours – that’s what makes us all unique….
Here are the flowers and their meanings for Nicole’s bouquet – All of the best qualities!!

Ivy ♥ Fidelity

Orchid ♥ Refined Beauty

Hydrangea ♥ Heartfelt Emotion

Dahlia ♥ Dignity

Delphinium ♥ Infinite Possibility

Succulent ♥ Enduring, Timeless Love

Nicole & Demetri :: Victoria, BC Nicole & Demetri :: Victoria, BC

These two look like they are surrounded by a lot of love and laughter… More of what make the heart happy!!
Nicole & Demetri :: Victoria, BCAnd that dress!!! Swoon…
Nicole & Demetri :: Victoria, BC Nicole & Demetri :: Victoria, BC

Nicole & Demetris :: Victoria, BC

FLEURtacious is proud to have been a part of this amazing team involved in creating a beautiful wedding for Nicole & Demetri! Kudos to this fantastic group of vendors:

Photographer:: Ophelia & Romeo Photographers (All photos above are courtesy of this fantastic photographer!)

Floral:: FLEURtacious by Lynda Marie

Make-up & Hair:: Ma-Luxe Studios

Nicole & Demetri :: Victoria, BCNicole & Demetri :: Victoria, BC
Congratulations Nicole & Demetri – Wishing you both a lifetime of love, laughter and happiness always!  It looks like your wedding day was incredible!

Nicole & Demetri :: Victoria, BCMuch Love, xo

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